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Manual & CNC Milling

AGP Precision Milling

Precision Manual and CNC Milling Services

Our well established manual and CNC milling department has adapted over the years to suits our customers needs and in January 2014 we upgraded our CAD/CAM system to ONE CNC Professional.

We have experience milling components for many different sectors from the composites, food, transmission, transport, structural industries and maintenance departments with a majority being local repeat business.

We have machined many types and grades of materials and work closely with our Cutting Tool suppliers to ensure a high level of accuracy, surface finish and repeatability is achieved.

Our milling service has over 28 years experience and is able to offer:

  • Ajax Turret Milling Machine with Full Digital Readout
  • X axis 700mm travel, Y axis 300mm, Z axis 250mm
  • Spindle speed 1800 RPM
  • CNC Milling
  • XYZ Prototrax KRV 3000 Turret Mill
  • 2 axis CNC Turret Milling Machine with a powerful easy to program controller, power drawbar and digital quill makes this machine ideal for prototype or small batch work.
  • X axis 750mm travel, Y axis 350mm, Z 350mm.
  • Spindle speed 2500 RPM
  • XYZ VMC 1010
  • 3 axis Vertical Machining Centre which is networked to our programming suit and allows us to program offline away from the bustle of the busy workshop environment.
  • Our powerful software can import your files in any format allowing us to convert them into a NC program ready to machine from using the latest high speed machining strategies and in 3D.
  • X axis 1000mm travel, Y axis 500mm, Z 500mm.
  • 20 Tool Stations
  • 8000 RPM Spindle speed