Manual & CNC Turning

Manual & CNC Turning

Precision Manual and CNC Turning services

Over the last 5 years our turning department has seen some big changes aimed at bolstering the well established precision service we already offer and the constant demand for more quality turned parts.

We have experience turning components for many different sectors from the composites, food, transmission and structural industry to water treatment and maintenance departments with a majority being local repeat business.

Our manual turning service has over 40 years experience and is able to offer:

  • Ajax Aj200 VS with Full 10 Tool Digital Readout, NEW SEPTEMBER 2014
  • 42 mm spindle bore, 402mm diameter swing over bed, 245mm diameter swing over cross slide with 750mm between centres and an Electronic Variable speed range of 10 Rpm – 2800 RPM.
  • Colchester Mastiff 1400 with Full 10 Tool Digital Readout.
  • 90 mm spindle bore, 700mm diameter swing over bed, 360mm diameter swing over cross slide with 2000mm between centres and a spindle speed from 18 Rpm – 1400 RPM.

Our growing CNC turning service can offer:

  • XYZ Proturn 425SLX
  • CNC Lathe with a powerful easy to program control system which allows us to go from drawing to cutting metal within minutes. Installed new in December 2009 this machine has been a real boost to our turning department.
  • 80 mm spindle bore, 257mm swing over cross slide and 1250mm between centres and a spindle speed from 10 RPM – 2500 RPM.
  • XYZ CT52
  • CNC Turning Centre coupled to a magazine load barfeeder allows us to handle up to 52mm diameter bars 1500mm in length ideal for medium to large batch work. The machine has a powerful controller that minimises machining time and maximises production output giving great value for money.
  • 52 mm spindle bore, capable of turning up to 220mm diameter and 280mm in length with a 12 turret tool station. This machine was installed new in April 2013 and has already attracted new business into our growing turning department.